"Runter vom Sofa, raus in die Natur!"

Prowell Helmets auf der Internationalen Taipei Bike Messe

Unter anderem stellt Prowell auf der Bike Messe den neuen Time Trail Aero Helm P-100 Jemini vor.
Wer also zeit hat, ist ja quasi gleich um die Ecke. :-)

Dear All Prowell Friends and Partners,

The most important show for Prowell, the Taipei Show, is less than one week away. Are you ready ?

Here are some highlights of Prowell in this show :

NEW PART : Visor of improved strength :


The visor currently used on F-66, F-6000, F-59, F-55 and F-38 looks good, but its strength is a bit too weak and cannot hold itself very well under certain speed. Prowell cannot live with this imperfection so we add some tricks on the visor and make it much stronger than before. Now, you can feel free to use above helmet models in high speed, or just lift the helmet on the visor.

NEW MODEL : P-100 Jemini :

Aero Helm

For years, people asked Prowell to produce a Time Trial Aero helmet, but we did not. Conventional T/T Aero helmet has two major problems : safety and ventilation. The aerodynamic design always adds some more rolling resistance to the helmet which can cause unexpected harms to the wear's head or neck in an accident. The ventilation seems to be a resident evil with T/T Aero helmet. NOT ANYMORE!! Prowell's innovative LRR design and STA ventilation address and resolve these two problems smartly and beautifully and make our 1st T/T Aero model, the P-100 Jemini, a great T/T Aero helmet of overwhelming safety and very good ventilation !


The LRR design keeps the helmet very aerodynamic, sleek and round shape, and makes the rolling-resistance as low as possible. The helmet's safety performance is adequately high in all directions. The round profile distributes the impact force throughout the helmet so effectively that completes a new benchmark of shock-absorbing performance : about 30% ~ 50% (vary in different areas) better than our other conventional "duck-tail"designs, let alone others.

The STA vents on the top effectively collect the air slipping from the sleek&round front area and the top area and direct the air into the hottest zone of the helmet (the rear top, where the uprising heat of from the wear's head is collected). This smart design resolves the poor ventilation on a conventional T/T helmet without interfering the aerodynamic shape.


The P-100 may look retro, but its performance is revolutionary, even far above our expectation. It is the SAFETY HELMET shall look like and perform like and it is the safest helmet Prowell have ever built. We do not think it is only for T/T speed riders but for anyone who rides a bike and want the safety, style, aero and ventilation in one conservative/retro look. That is the P-100, a retrolutionary revolution.